At kiteboarding camps we have been organising regular kiteboarding camps since 2008. We have chosen the best locations around the globe, such as Brasil, Morocco and Spain and we make sure that each spot is tested and approved by us or by our pro riders.

The base of our team consists of Gemma Hendra, who created kiteboarding camps and has been working to develop the concept of Pro coaching weeks over the last 7 years. Passionate about the kiteboarding industry, and always happy to explore new places and work with the best riders and brands. Always looking for new adventures…..

Svetlana Romantsova is our incredibly talented photographer who accompanies us on each coaching week. Svetlana manages to capture the action, lifestyle and good vibes at each event, so that we can keep her amazing images as memories from our favourite trips around the world.

Sara Martin Blanca is our resident Yogi. She joins us on our yoga and kite weeks, and offers some amazing yoga lessons for sunrise and sunset that help create the perfect kiteboarding holiday experience.

Our Team



Gemma Hendra


Sara Martin Blanco


Svetlana Romantsova