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Youri Zoon coaching week Brasil

Youri Zoon Coaching in Brasil

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Youri Zoon coaching week Brasil

We love to travel and discover new places… and some places we fall more in love with than others… Such was the case when we arrived on a warm and windy night to Uruau, Brasil.

Its’s actually pretty breezy to get over there. With only a 6 hour flight from Lisbon, we landed at Fortaleza just as the sun had gone down, and the city lights could be seen glowing endlessly across the horizon.

Passport control can be a little slow, but with some patience, we eventually had our board bags loaded in the pick- up and were driving about one hour south, to the small village know as Uruau.

As we arrived and unloaded, the wind was blowing strong, the air was warm, and we were feeling happy. A nice cold beer on our terrace, listening to the ocean, and watching the palm trees sway back and forth. We were in love with Brasil from the very first moment. We woke that next morning and took a little stroll down the beach to PRO KITE BRASIL.. The place that was to become our hang out spot for the next 7 days. They offer great rooms overlooking the beach and lagoon. Nicely done, great style, and a hammock to chill in while you wait for the wind to pick up. Breakfast is served downstairs, where you get the best fresh fruit, coffees, omelettes and juices. Enough to keep you running full for the whole day!

Youri Zoon Coaching Brasil

Be prepared to become and early riser when you are in Brasil… like SERIOUSLY early. We often found ourselves up and ready to go at 5.30 am. The sun is up early, and this means that you generally will be too. So by the time 9 am rolls around, you are pretty much ready to hit the water. Your day will reach a productivity level here that you never thought was possible!

Youri Zoon Coaching Week Brasil

We were a group of 10 people, here for a freestyle coaching week with Youri Zoon. A totally random mix of guys and girls from South Africa, Australia, Austria, France and Denmark, plus our amazing photographer Sveta from Russia.. and me. Purpose of the week: for each person to push themselves and with Youri’s help, learn as much as possible on the water in these 7 days. No pressure! We were also on a mission to have as much fun as possible in the process :)

Youri Zoon Coaching week Brasil

The spot is beautiful as you can imagine. At Pro kite Brasil, you can find the centre and kite school,  a great pool to hang out in, and the Bassi Brasil restaurant where Cheffi will cook you up the best Italian food ever. In front of you, the Ocean lays out before you, and slightly to the left you will find the fresh water lagoon. At first sight, you may think it seems pretty small, but once you get used to it, you will love this awesome little lagoon!

Being on a coaching week, we all pretty much spent most of our day on the water, working on our progression, with guidance from The Boss :) There were a LOT of hard crashes, which would require doses of pain killers and caipirinhas in the evenings in order to recover…. but each morning, everyone was fresh, full power and ready to go, ready to give 100% on the water again.

Youri Zoon coaching week Brasil

Uruau is a pretty quiet spot… don’t expect crowded beaches and crazy nightlife. DO expect a cozy and friendly vibe, wonderful food, perfect wind, unreal sunsets, and some pretty awesome water balloon fights and pool parties! (just be sure to put your laptops away before they get started on this!)

When you find a quiet moment, its worth going on a little walk into town, and heading to the little old lady who makes the most delicious Acai bowls. You can also stock up in town at the supermarket for anything else that you need.

Want a bit of a change of scene? We took a buggy ride along the beach to the next town along, Beberibe, for some dinner and drinks.. a great ride along the coastline by night.

Youri Zoon coaching week Brasil

I only got to stay for 7 nights in this amazing place, but I could have easily stayed for many more. (I did try to change my ticket!) Warm winds, beautiful people, lots of laughing, plenty of caipirinhas, beach fires, night swims, and a ton of time kiting and progressing. THIS is a place to be visited!

Thanks to our incredible coach, Youri Zoon, for his patience and motivation.

Thanks to all the team at Pro Kite Brasil and BassiBrasil… Rikki, Cheffi, Giulia and the rest of the team.

And thanks to all the crew who travelled from all over the world to join us for the week; Julian, Jerome, Jonas, Brayden, Oliver, Sabrina, Bianca…

All photos by our amazing photographer, Svetlana Romantsova, for catching it all on camera… watch for the edit coming soon..



Organized by: Kiteboarding Camps

Accommodation and Kite Centre: Pro Kite Brasil

Our Kick Ass Coach: Youri Zoon